Automatic Quartz Crystal Loading System
Automatic Quartz Crystal Loading System

The Challenge

A manufacturer of quartz crystals required the placement of crystals into carriers. Before the system was built, the crystals were oriented and placed 1 at a time by operators using tweezers. After placing the crystals in the carriers, a top half was placed onto the carrier to retain the crystals to a silver deposition process.

The Solution

Creative Automation designed and fabricated a special system for performing the above task. Fixture bases were magazine fed onto an indexing carrier. Once in the loading station, 10 crystals at a time were transferred from a magazine and placed into carriers. A servo controlled elevator was used to raise the crystals in the magazine to a precise pick up height. The magazine was loaded with crystals with a separate automatic feeding and placing system.

Once the crystals were loaded into carriers, tops were attached to the carriers using a second vertical magazine.