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True VolumeTM Piston Positive Displacement Pump
Digital Dispensing System

The LV-1 Positive Displacement Dispense Pump features Creative Automations patented technology for accurate dispensing of fluids and pastes. The LV-1 is available in a wide range of sizes and styles for precision dispensing of volumes ranging from as small as 0.05 ┬Ál to 20 ml per shot. Typical dispense volume accuracy is + 2% or better. The LV-1 is designed to dispense materials ranging from 1 to 1,000,000 CPS The LV-1s' can be used either singularly or in multi component combinations to dispense several materials at a time.

Material can be supplied to the pump from either a syringe, reservoir or transfer pump under low pressure. The pumps piston creates a high pressure precision stroke to accurately execute a fast dispense. The pumps unique design enables the dispensing of filled materials without separating or changing the component ratio. The LV-1 Pumps dispense is accurate, even during changes in material viscosity or temperature.


Other sizes available upon request

For smaller dispense sizes, please see the SP-2 0.00025 1/4 nanoliters to 50 microliters

LV1- 6 & 12LV1-25 thru


Special Application Dual LV-1
The above illustration shows the LV-1 pump set up for a syringe reservoir feed. LV-1-25 to LV-1-100 sizes are provided with a threaded inlet port suitable for connection to a large volume supply hose.The above photo illustrates 2 LV-1-37 pumps for dispensing materials such as two-part acrylic adhesives that mix upon contact between the fluid parts. The two materials must be dispensed in equal volume, and with great precision for the materials to join after ejection from the nozzle.